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While only a fraction of one percent of the entire international diamond trade, conflict diamonds or “blood diamonds,” tainted by involvement in African civil wars, give all diamonds a bad reputation when they spill into the general market.

We want you to know that Diamond Select expects the highest level of integrity from all of our business partners. We only conduct business with diamond and gemstone companies that refuse to traffic in conflict diamonds. If any of our suppliers are linked in any way to conflict stones, we will immediately cease to do business with them.

Diamond Select strongly supports and promotes The Kimberley Process, a voluntary mining protocol named after the city of Kimberley, South Africa. Through the Kimberley Process initiative, 80 countries representing 99.8 percent of the global production of rough diamonds have agreed to certify that the diamonds they trade are “conflict free” or do not originate in civil war conflict zones, where they could be used to finance war against legitimate governments. In addition, as proponents of socially-conscious mining, we advocate strengthening and expanding The Kimberley Process to include all human rights abuses in order to raise the bar even higher in the diamond industry. To learn more, visit