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Diamond Anatomy (Table and Depth)

Here is a diagram showing a diamond’s basic proportions and the elements of a diamond‘s anatomy, which can help you better understand the individual report on each loose diamond available at Diamond Select:

To best grasp these terms, start at the top of the diagram.

Diamond anatomy


Think of the “girdle” as a belt going around the thickest part of the diamond. The girdle is where the diamond’s diameter is measured. One modern convention (for example, in many Round cuts) is to facet the girdle itself, but any such facets would not be counted into the diamond’s final facet count.

Above the Girdle

The top section above the girdle is the crown section (which makes sense, as crowns go on top), and the crown is faceted all around the sides to reflect light from above and below, with a flat plane at the top of the crown called the “table.” The table runs parallel to the plane of the girdle. The flat table is the largest facet, and then angled facets run down the sides of the crown between the table and the girdle.

Below the Girdle

Beneath the girdle is the pavilion section, which angles downwards to a point, with an angle that is called the “pavilion angle”. The diamond goes down to the bottom- most point, which is called the “culet.”


The total depth of the diamond, which is information provided in the Diamond Select Ring Builder and loose diamond finder tools for each diamond, is measured from the table to the culet. That total depth is found by adding the crown height, the girdle thickness, and the pavilion depths.

Table and Depth Proportion

The relationship between the table and a diamond’s depth is table critical for maximum fire and brilliance: too small or too large a table can hamper the diamond’s ability to disperse light properly, not to mention possibly causing the stone to appear smaller for its weight. Table proportions and diamond depths also vary based on the shape of the diamond.