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Establish Your Budget

Establish Your Budget

If you’re looking for engagement rings, you already know you’ve found the perfect life partner—now you want the perfect ring. Because engagement rings can range so significantly in price, you won’t be able to get started until you decide on a budget, so that you can then shop within your desired price range.

You may have heard that you are supposed to spend at least two months’ salary on an engagement ring. At Diamond Select, we don’t believe that any such rule should control your search; in fact, that “guideline” was (you guessed it) created by the diamond industry to push people into spending more on engagement rings. We provide amazing choices at all price points and your engagement ring shouldn’t break the bank.

Your engagement ring budget will be based on not only your income and available funds, but also on your decision about what qualities you want your diamond to have. The best way for you to establish your budget is for you to review our Education section on diamonds and then to experiment with the Diamond Select Ring-Builder . The diamond is the primary element that impacts pricing, but we suggest you completely build one or two practice rings so that you can get an idea for how different settings and metals can also impact price.

Once you have experimented and created a few practice rings, you should be able to get a good idea for how much you want to spend to get the engagement ring that is perfect for the two of you. And at Diamond Select, you know that you can make this investment safely—if she doesn’t absolutely love the ring, we have the best no-questions-asked return policy in the business. We also have staff who can work with you and your fiancée to make any alterations she desires.