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Gemstone Clarity

As with diamonds, “clarity” for colored gemstones describes the internal quality of a gem. However, unlike diamonds, colored gemstones are expected to be included to some degree (e.g., peridots, sapphires, and tourmalines), or to a heavy degree (e.g., emeralds and rubies). Because colored gemstones are expected to have inclusions, such inclusions do not greatly affect a stone’s value. Colored gemstones with higher natural clarity tend to be aquamarine, blue topaz, citrine, and tanzanite. A flawless or near-flawless colored gemstone would often be prohibitively expensive; the best valued gemstones are those that are slightly or moderately included, such as those offered at Diamond Select. And as further addressed in the Gemstone Treatments section below, modern science has helped many colored gems become more clear through a number of clarity enhancement treatments that can make a remarkable difference in the gem’s appearance and that can make a beautiful and clear stone available at an affordable price. Clarity enhancement treatments improve only the appearance of the gem, and generally do not impact its inherent quality or value.